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  • Learn how to recover chairs

  • Learn how to recover stools

  • Learn how to recover sofas

  • Learn how to recover recliners

  • Learn how to recover cushions

  • Learn how to recover lounge suites

  • Learn how to save money or make some money?

Well! why not learn
How to do Upholstery Today?

 William Macdonald
I am William MacDonald a Master Class Upholsterer and founder of the Upholstery Training Academy Online and I have been doing upholstery for over 42 years so I welcome you to this Website.       

Some people will tell you that doing upholstery is hard, but it is not if you have the correct teaching aids.

I know plenty of people who have joined upholstery classes to learn but it does not work out that way and they learn nothing. I know because they come to me with a half finished job and get me to finish it for them.

It is not the fault of the course teacher, it is simply to many people in the class and he just can't help everyone. I use to teach classes myself once for government run work schemes so I know all about it.

So why not learn at home in your own time and at your pace?  You learn much better if there is no one pressuring you to do something.

Check out the list below to see if these DVDs will be good for you as a learning tool.
Are you good with your hands.
2) Want to be self-reliant? independent?
3) Like learning at your own pace
4) Love learning new skills
5) Want to surprise your friends that you have done things yourself.
6) Like being flexible and multi talented?
7) Want to learn skills you can take with you anywhere?
8) Want to learn at home and still be there for the kids.
10) What to be able to may be make some money with your new skills.

If this is you then you will certainly learn from the course.
But first read this email from someone who bought the DVDs.

Hi William.
I would like to begin by telling you how much I have enjoyed my course. Every aspect of the course was above and beyond what I expected. . . . I have always been handy with my hands but did not want to go out at night to a collage. I have a young family that needs me to be home. With your DVDs I was able to learn when the kids were asleep, it worked out great.
Thanks again.
Virginia Wellmen WA.

Learning to do Upholstery is fun and seeing how old ugly furniture turns into a piece of art and knowing you did it yourself is a great buzz.

The beauty is once you learn how to re-upholster stools, chairs etc, you can go on to bigger jobs and really save yourself some big $$$.

Imagine you have the skill to be able to change the fabric on your furniture when ever you like, up date that chair your sofa or even your lounge suite.

I know people who change their furniture to suit the colors of the day because they can and it does not cost them much to do, only a bit of time.

One of the most important things is you are working at home in your garage and you don't need heaps of room. Here is my work bench it is nothing special. My Work Bench

It is only 2 saw horses and a chip board top that all folds away and stacks in the corner when I am not using it, how easy is that?

Most people love nice things in their home no one wants old battered up furniture, it is just down right embarrassing when people come to your place.

Have you ever had to run around and throw a cover over that old chair so people can't see how ugly it looks all dirty and torn?  Or throw a towel over the arm of your lounge because it has a big hole in it, just because a friend is dropping by.

When you learn how to do upholstery you can fix it up yourself. You can even just repair the arm of your sofa so it looks good, like the rest of the suite. You don't have to replace all the covering if you don't want to.

If you get a single arm repaired by a professional it will cost you heaps of $$$$ because there is a lot of labor costs to fix it,: most of the time it is just too expensive to do, so you leave it looking all torn and dirty with a towel over it.

But if you can fix it yourself then it will always look good and you will not be embarrassed when people call around.

Here is an email I got from a customer.

Hi William

Just a quick note to let you know how things when since I bought your DVDs.
My wife was always complaining to me how grubby the chair I use looks, She said the material on the arms is always dirty and it is embarrassing for her when people come over. She is a very tidy person and likes things to look good.

I took your advise and used the material on the back of the settee to replace both arms and the seat cushion. I used a cheap fabric that was the same color to replace the back of the lounge as it is always up against the wall.

 I even had enough material to make some arm covers. So when these get a bit grubby looking we just wash them and my chair always looks nice and clean

Plus my wife has stopped nagging me and that is a big bonus.

Thanks a lot.
Jon Stapleton MA.

Now here is a great tip for you how to get a change of furniture really cheap.

A lot of people throw away a great looking suite or a nice chair because they get new furniture. Now the wooden frames of these old sofas and chairs are most of the time in perfect condition, even the foam rubber can still be good sometimes.

What you can do when it is a clean up day in your suburb, is to have a drive around and see what has been thrown out. If you see a great looking chair or sofa get it. Then you can take it home pull off all the old covers etc, give it a good clean, spray it with surface spray if you are worried about bugs, and you have a great frame to work on. It will have all the springs and everything still in it, no extra stuff to buy.

Since you know how to do upholstery you end up with a great new lounge or chair for a few $$ instead of hundreds of $$$$. Heck! you could even sell it for a profit if you wanted too?

Do you see the advantage of learning how to do upholstery? You will never be without great furniture, everyone will think you are buying new stuff all the time, if you don't tell them they would never know.

Here is what another customer who bought my DVDs did.

Hi William
I just want to tell you what happened to me and I am really excited.
I was driving past one of those second hand furniture places and I saw this fantastic old chair there. I stopped to have a look and when I got close it was really beaten up. Springs in the seat was all sagged and the cover was all tattered and really grubby it looked like a dog was sleeping on it.
So I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he said make an offer, so I said $10 and he said OK.
I took it home and when I pulled it apart I found $11 in old coins in it.
I fixed it all up after watching your video and it came up fantastic. All up it cost me about $50 to fix.
Then an old friend dropped by and spotted the chair and offered me $200 for it.
I didn't sell it as I really liked the chair, but I could have made a great profit for a few hours work if I had wanted to. I am still amazed.
Terry Herman SA.

 What Terry did is not unusual I have done the same thing myself. I had a customer turn up with this old suite in his truck and when he found out how much it would cost to fix he just gave it to me. It turned out to be over a hundred years old and worth a fortune. Once you know how to do upholstery you have a big advantage.

Look! It does not matter how scrappy a piece of furniture looks, once you know how to fix it you are well ahead of most people.

But and there is a But. If you start out trying to do big jobs first then it will be really hard for you, so I suggest you start small like your own stools or small chairs.

This is normally the problem with people who go to an upholstery course. They take along an antique chair or a box pleat chair, diamond buttoning etc when they first start out anBefored expect to do it in a 4 week class. It doesn't normally work out because their skill levels are not good. So they end up bring it to me to finish.

This is why I have lots of different DVDs so you can start small and end up big. If you are at all handy then you will learn really quickly from the DVDs as they teach you everything you need to know.

The DVDs are all made while I was doing actual jobs, none of it is staged. You see everything all the problems you can encounter and how             Before
to fix problems as you go.

I explain exactly what to do and how to get materials, foam and fabrics cheap. I tell you how much I am making for each job so you can see how much you are saving by doing it yourself. Or you know what to charge if you want to do upholstery later to make money.After        

It is all on the DVDs it covers one job from start to finish. The DVDs don't cover half a dozen things at once like other DVDs I have seen. Just seeing a little of this or a little of that in a staged video will do you no good and teach you nothing. You need to see from start to finish so you know what to expect.                                                                                                                                                                               

So what will you learn from on the DVDs.

  • How to get material cheap

  • How to estimate fabric for jobs

  • How to cut fabric economically

  • How to make patterns and templates

  • How to workout a cutting plan.

  • How to strip out a job

  • How to do repairs to springs

  • How to glue foam together.

  • How to Dacron rap old cushions to puff them up again.                                                                  

  • How to repack seats and cushions.                                                                      

  • How to fill seat cushions using new foam and old foam.                               

  • How to fill back cushions             

  • How to sew with an industrial sewing machine.                                                     

  • How to sew up slip cushion covers.

  • How to sew new zippers on.

  • How to sew arms, backs and seat covers. 

  • How to make covered buttons.

  • How to button backs of chairs and settees.

  • How to use suspension webbing

  • How to use back tacking strip

  • How to use plygrip back tacking (sharks tooth)

  • How to unscrew and unbolt furniture

  • How to recover your own furniture cheaper without compromising quality.                   

  • Plus lots more

I start at the beginning on small jobs that you can handle. Stools,   Dining room chairs, Chair seats, Cushions, easy things that you can  practice on and get the hang of doing.                   
This just makes so much sense, a young person starting an apprenticeship does not get a complicated job to do on his first day on the job, and you don't want that either.

You have to become proficient and get a feel for doing upholstery, then you can move on to better jobs. This is what I teach you in a step by step way, start small end up big: simple!

 You know, upholstery is not that hard to do once you learn the basics. It is actually quite repetitive because you just do the basics over and over again, all that changes is the furniture you are working on.

Because all our DVDs are on real jobs, not staged jobs just for the video, we show you trade secrets that only upholsters know.

Plus a couple of things even some upholsterers don't know.

Here is another email I received.

Greetings William
I just want to say you were absolutely correct when you said learn the basics first. I started out doing a small stool. It is quite a funny story really. I bought your DVDs and my husband was more than skeptical and told me I was wasting my time and money.

Well I did what you said and practiced on an old stool top I was going to throw out. It ended up looking OK after a couple of attempts. I did not tell my husband about it.

Then when he went to work I recovered his bar stools that were looking a bit tired. Well! you should have seen the look on his face when he came home: he was amazed.

He thought I must have taken them to an upholsterer to be done and didn't believe me at first until I showed him the old covers and scraps I had left over.

Getting your DVDs was worth it just for the look on his face, it was precious. Now we are doing our sofa and he is even helping. WOW.

Joan Templeton FL.   

I have been asked what kinds of people are buying my DVDs?

This is a bit difficult to answer because we get just about all kinds of people, from older to younger. I have had executives buy the program  as a hobby to de-stress

I have had recently retired people who what to continue doing things, after all there is just so much time you can spend on the golf course.

I have had young people who wanted to learn something new.

I have had ladies who want to do their own furniture and have a bit of a hobby.

I have had people who want to start a business but did not have the capital to start one, and you don't need a wheelbarrow full of money to start an Upholstery business.

I have even had a doctor (MD) who just wanted to do something with his hands.

Here is an email I received from a customer who started making money out of it.

HI William
I just want to tell you that I really am loving my retirement now. I was retired for 6 months but I became so bored, just so much you can do in the garden.
When all the prices of things started to go up, fuel, food and just the general living costs I started to worry about how I was going to live for another 20 years.
I bought your DVDs and took your advice and started to find old chairs at the dump, do them up and sell them at the flea markets and just around town.
Now I am making $300 a week sometimes and really enjoying myself. I am 67 now and life is a blast.

Thanks again for all your help.
Brian Mcmann UK.

Doesn't This Make Good Sense?

Doesn't it make good sense to study at home at your own pace?

Doesn't it make good sense to spend as little as you have to on training?

Doesn't it make good sense to learn from someone who's been in the Upholstery Field for over 40 years and has personally developed these training programs and tools from a point of vast experience to help you get started on the right track.

Here are the options for you to get started


Package One

The how to Do Upholstery Repairs Package.

How to repair and re-glue rickety wooden dining room chairs.

How to touch up polish on dining room chairs

How to do repairs to cushion covers and save money.

Plus how to make a cushion for a piano stool.

These DVDs are over 2.5 hr long and shows you everything you need to fix up your own furniture. These are $35 each normally a value of $95 but you get a special deal,

Most people just try and fix there rickety old chair by hammering in some nails. This just damages the chair and does not fix the problem. These DVDs will show you the correct way to fix your chairs, just like a professional would do. Plus show you how to touch up the polish at the same time, so they look like new.

All for only $47.79
  Simply Click on Button to Order.





Package Two

How to Recover Stools Package.
This DVD is over 2 hr long and shows you everything you need to recover your own stools. Both round and square styles. We show you how to cut new foam for the stools. Also how you can rejuvenate old foam.
Not only that but you get a bonus how to do it step by step manual with its own DVD. 

Plus a DVD that shows you what tools you need for upholstery

Valued at $79.95 FREE as a special gift.

 So you get 3 DVDs sent to you and the manual by download.

This pack is a great place to start to learn upholstery as it covers the basics and you are not doing to hard a project to start out with. You will find once you learn from these DVDs you will find bigger jobs much easier to do.

    All for $47.75.

Simply Click on Button to Order.




Package Three.

                                                    The Cushion Package.

You will learn everything you ever need to know about recovering, redesigning, Sewing cushions and even making nice comfy cushion seats for you pet.

You get: How to recover and redesign 5 lounge cushions. Including how to Dacron cushions, How to refill foam into cushions, properly without damaging the zip.

How to sew different kinds of zippered cushions DVD.

How to rebuild Futon mattress, make new skirts for base, refill a mattress into a new cushion case DVD.

How to turn an old foam mattress into 3 comfy cushions for your pet DVD.

How to measure, cut and sew vinyl and fill cushions DVD.

This is the complete package with over 4 hours of step by step easy to follow DVDs

Plus as a bonus we give you the full length DVD on how to make arm covers for your lounge.
 Plus a DVD that shows you what tools you need for upholstery.

This all adds up to over $150 but you get it  All for only $67.75.

Simply Click on Button to Order.





Package Four.

This is the Recover Dining Room Chair  Package.

We show you how to recover 3 different kinds of dining room chairs. So once you have watched these DVDs you will be able to easily recover any dining room chair you come across.
This is over 3 hrs of full instruction, step by step how to.

You learn to do from easy to more difficult chairs like the chair here.

  From this                                         To this.

Not only that but we give you absolutely FREE. 2 DVDs on how to recover vinyl chair seats.
Value $49.95 free

And how to make a brand new seat for piano stool, Value $29.50 free
Plus a DVD that shows you what tools you need for upholstery .

A DVD on making Arm covers for chairs and lounges.

 Over $150 FREE.

All it costs for these DVDs is only $92.75  

Simply Click on Button to Order.





             Package Five.                                        Before

How to recover a Lounge Suite 2x2x2.

We show you how to recover a lounge suite in easy to follow steps. This is 10 hours of video that shows you everything you need to know.                                         

Once you have watched the DVD and follow the easy to steps you will be able to easily recover any suite you come across.                                                                                                                                                               After
We show you:
Making templates

Cutting plan
Cutting material

Sewing fabric
Making Buttons
Cutting new foam cushions

Filling cushions
Re Webbing Seats
and much more.

Remember all our DVDs are actual Jobs, nothing is staged.
You see everything nothing is hidden, there is even  rubbish on the workshop floor like in a real upholstery shops, these videos are real in actual time. Not fake contrived ones.

We even tell you how much we make from each job so you can see what you save by doing the work yourself. Or what to charge people.

No other upholstery videos are this detailed.

Plus you get packages 1-2-3 Absolutely free. Delivered on a USB drive. Just plug into your computer and you have all the videos.

If you bought packages 1-2-3 it would cost you$163 plus postage of over $30. So you are getting all them for FREE.

You also get the tools DVD

How to make arm covers DVD all on the USB drive.

Plus you get a sheet that shows you how much fabric you need for all different kinds of chairs, sofas, lounge suites. This is invaluable takes out all the guess work out of estimating fabric, and saves you money $$$.

This is nearly $300 extra for FREE.

Simply Click on Button to Order.




We also give you a guarantee for 12 months, if you use our program, study it, do all the things we say and if you have not saved your money back you paid for the program then send it back for a refund. Just show us proof that you did genuinely try and we will happily give you all your money back. We could not be fairer.

PS: You are also getting over 40 years of my experience. I have taught upholstery in adult workshops and even for a government scheme to help the unemployed. I have personally trained 12 apprentices, now you can get all that experience for less than joining an upholstery course.

PPS:If you are serious about  learning new skills then now is the time to act. The price of the packages will be changing soon, so don't miss out at these cheap prices. There is a limit on the program as it is today of 25 sets and will change soon.

Upholstery For Fun and Profit.

Upholstery Training Academy.

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